Free Audio Test Tones
These test tones are free to download and be used as you like. We assume no responsibility for any damage done to your personal property as a result of downloading or the use of our audio test tones. All downloads from are 100% Virus Free.

Audio Test Tones can often be found by searching the terms subwoofer test mp3, bass test mp3 bass test and so on.

The range of human hearing is generally regarded as being from 20Hz, very low bass tones, through 20kHz (20,000Hz), the very highest treble. From this we can see that all audio test tones are not subwoofer test tones or bass test tones. We supply the entire hearing range.

All of our Audio Test Tones play for 1 minute. We use .wav format audio. The download files are in the .zip format. If you do not have a program that will handle the .zip file for you try 7Zip. It's also free!

Enjoy testing your subwoofers with your free subwoofer test tone - free bass test download!

20Hz 25Hz 31.5Hz 40Hz 50Hz 63Hz 80Hz 100Hz
125Hz 160Hz 200Hz 250Hz 315Hz 400Hz 500Hz 630Hz 800Hz
1000Hz 1250Hz 1600Hz 2000Hz 2500Hz 3150Hz 4000Hz 5000Hz 6300Hz
8000Hz 10000Hz 12500Hz 16000Hz 20000Hz

Test Tones

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