Easy Car Stereo Component Upgrades

Simple Upgrades to your CarTruck or Van.

If your looking for an easy upgrade to your factory Car Audio System; but not looking forward to having to run new

wiring or add In-line Amplifiers than it looks like you've ended up on just the right page.

Replacing you're Car Speakers is a lot easier than you might have thought.

Usually all that is required is a screw driver**, not often but possibly a small ratchet set for the fasteners to the speakers.

**(for easy removal of the speaker covers ensure that your screw driver is a flat head so you don't scratch the plastic panels of your doors)


2 way speakers - Generally provide the Bass as well as the Treble portion of the audio;

3 way speakers - Usually provide Bass , Treble, Mid range which encompasses everything in-between.

4 way speakers - Providing everything in-between the Low Bass to the Ultra High end of the Audio.


Lets See Those Options.

Common component Speaker Types.

4 inch speakers Commonly found the in front door 4inch SPL component speaker

6.5 circular speakers are usually found in the front or rear doors. 6.5inch SPL component speaker

6X9's usually found in the rear of your vehicle SPL 6 x 9 car stereo speaker

Component speaker systems replace more than just a pair of speakers, usually containing more than two speakers Component Speaker Package


Now you need to find out which size speakers you need, for this you may want to use the internet based tool that is provided by Metraonline.com

Usually these speakers are located in the above described locations, this isn't always true and may be located in other locations.

Once found they are easily removed, generally only needing few tools and just a few moments of your time to un cover them.

Step 1) Remove the factory speaker covers if present which can be seen in the picture here.

Door panel with built in speaker cover

To remove your cover first see if it is actually built in to the car door itself; if not then proceed to push on the corners and release the clips.

If it is built in to the car door then you are going to have to remove the door cover itself, this can be rather involved but is quite straight forward.

To remove the car door panel you may want to use a thin pry bar commonly used for removal of roofing nails;

find out where YOUR car door panel tabs are and pry in those locations.

Your specific car may have different mounting locations than those shown but this illustration will give you a baseline with which to go by.

door panel removed for access to speakerslocking systempower window

This is an image of a rear door after the panel has been removed,

however the mounting points that hold the panel are similar to a front door so this should give you an idea of how to start.

Take care in the removal process as you want to pull the studs out one at a time so not to crack the plastic.

It is also not advisable to do this in cold weather >70F the hotter the easier and less damaging bending the plastic panel will be.

After removing the panel you will be able to see what size replacement speakers you need to use.

That's all there is to it. So now you have a full guide how to find, remove and replace the speakers in your car.

Easier than you once thought? Well we hope so

here at StompAudio we wish you the best of luck and if you need any help your call is welcome any time during business hours.


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