CD Changer Information

Why consider a CD changer?
There are lots of reasons to check out our wide selection of mobile disc changers. Maybe you've got to have both cassette and compact disc in your car. Or perhaps you'd like to enjoy CDs while keeping the non-CD factory radio in your leased vehicle. Does the idea of cruising with a changer full of your home-recorded CD-Rs and CD-RWs appeal to you?

Did you know that you can record up to 10 hours of MP3 music files on a single CD-R or CD-RW? Fill an MP3-compatible changer with MP3 discs, and you can drive for days without hearing the same tune twice. And, if you're into mobile video, consider the latest evolution of the multi-disc changer — the DVD/CD changer — for fingertip control over the latest movies and music on your next road trip.

Whatever your interests or reasons, an in-car disc changer will improve the quality of your drive time.

Safety and convenience
Let's face it, it's dangerous fumbling around for a disc when you're at the wheel. A changer eliminates the distraction of changing discs at high speeds — you're free to concentrate on your driving, while you enjoy continuous music. A user-friendly, intuitive remote control lets you keep your eyes on the road as you navigate through tracks.

A changer also means convenience. Your discs are organized in the changer, so they won't get damaged or misplaced rattling around on the floor of your car. Since it installs in your trunk or under your seat, your changer will be safely out of sight and pose no temptation to would-be thieves. If you select a changer with disc titling or ID-3 tag display capability, you'll be able to keep track of artist, disc, and track information on the readout of your compatible receiver (or on your add-on changer display/control panel).
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