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The options have never been greater, or more exciting, when it comes to improving factory sound systems. Although factory systems have become more advanced, it's still just as fun and rewarding to upgrade one of today's sophisticated automobiles as it was in the simpler vehicles of just ten years ago!

More sophisticated interfaces are required for today's vehicles, but that's the sole reason for SoundGate and PAC's existence. We firmly believe in the 'weakest link in the chain' adage. If you take your brand new, expensive in-dash DVD player and run it through a cheap, under-performing interface, the performance of your new DVD player is going to be reduced to the lowered performance level of the interface. On the other hand, connect that new DVD player to a SoundGate or PAC interface, and you're going to rock!

Let's look at some different ways you can improve your system…

Change that factory radio!

Let's face it, many factory radios just don't have the features that we've come to expect in a modern receiver or CD player. Unlike the cars and trucks of the eighties and early nineties, most of today's vehicles have factory amplifiers included as part of the sound system. To make your new receiver or CD player work correctly with your factory amplifier you need an interface which will match the audio signal of each device to one another. SoundGate and PAC provide the right interfaces for the new receiver or CD player you're installing in your vehicle.

Add Amplifiers!

Good, clean power is one thing that's hard for the carmakers to supply. The aftermarket has excelled for years in building amplifiers with mountains of power. How many watts you put in your car is simply a matter of deciding how big of system you want.

Many of today's cars and trucks have up-level radios or CD players that are form-fitted to the dashboard, are designed in an odd shape, or simply have features that suit the owner. Keeping the factory radio and adding aftermarket amplifiers is simple when you rely on SoundGate or PAC! We suggest you contact StompAudio and consult with our staff on what type of system is best for your listening preferences, your budget, and your vehicle's capabilities.

Add MP3, Satellite Radio, or DVD audio/video!

Are you ripping MP3 files, listening to Satellite Radio, or wanting to add DVD audio/video to your car audio system? Well, look no further! StompAudio has the answer for interfacing any of these cool technologies to your factory radio.

Using one of our 'Aux Input Interfaces', 'CD Changer Interfaces', or 'Docking Stations', we can route the audio signals from your new source directly into the CD changer port of your radio. Eliminating the FM modulator, commonly used for inputting audio sources into radios, tremendously increases the sound quality of the audio source you're adding.

Change those cheap factory speakers!

This is one area where almost every car or truck in existence can see huge gains in sound quality. We carry a huge line of speakers, we recommend this as the starting point for achieving better sound in your car. One fact many people don't consider when buying speakers is that each person's hearing is slightly different. Some people have experienced hearing loss due to industrial noise, and even whether you are a male of female has an effect on which frequencies you are most sensitive to. Therefore, get in that car, go to your favorite store (with your spouse if you'll both be listening), take some of your favorite CDs, and just listen for an hour. You'll soon discover which speakers you really like, and which ones you don't. Make this simple upgrade first, and you'll be astounded at the improved sound coming out of your factory system!

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